Worship Service, Sundays at 10:30

Current Preaching Series
The Honest to Goodness Gospel, a book study of 1 Peter
April 20
1 Peter 5 Keep Calm and Believe Easter
April 13

1 Peter 4 How to Set Low Expectations without Being Cynical

April 6
Let Your Purpose Put Your Problems into Proper Perspective
March 30
Is it a Good Thing or Bad Thing to be God's Chosen People?
March 23
Over the Rainbow and Back Again (Mark Van Cleve)
March 16
This Weird Trick Could Bring you Divine Power Next Time you Need it

Welcome to the Cove

The Cove is a young church with a strong history of faith, tradition and connectedness. Not only are we a church devoted to the worship of God, we are also a genuine community representing some 250 active participants. We are babies, toddlers, children, youth groups, young adults, families, seniors. We are homemakers, tradesmen, professionals, educators,... ...[more]...

What are we about?

...These are four things that define us, that we must always keep at the forefront of our thoughts:

  • Experiencing God
  • Knowing Christ
  • Following the Spirit
  • Loving Others
  • Furthermore, these four things have to happen more or less in order. If you take them out of order...[more]...